Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Terrific "Give Back" Celebration Story!

Planning a celebration can become over consuming, stressful and yet fun & exciting at the same time. I've decided to direct my blog as an instrument to let all planners to think about a wise approach while making decisions of the photographer, the venue, the flowers... and all the special touches to make it perfect. My philosophy in life is to always think about how you can give back while receiving. When one is planning a gathering it should always consist of somehow helping...

As a continuation of my June blog, I just want you to know how good I feel on just the discussion of “giving back”. I’m really pushing the awareness of how necessary it is to donate or give back to those in need. I ‘m amazed on how many people are affected by breast cancer, diabetes, etc., either themselves or someone they love.

This month, I was compelled to donate a “Signature Board” to the State Farms “Grand Opening” in Ronkonkoma. Michael F. Cousins, a State Farm Agent, had put this action packed, fun-filled day together. He also had tied a charity, JDRF, Juvenile diabetes, to his program. This was because one of his good friends little boy was diagnose at the age of 7. By adding this fundraiser to his “Grand Opening”, there were more outside donation to help raise money for this cause. He is a great example of planning a celebration but yet in the same time giving back to those who are in need. If you ask me he is a person who I would consider handling my insurance needs because he cares about others,,,

So does anybody have a story to tell how they gave back while having a celebration? Dont worry I'll be back with more stories and ideas of giving back.

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